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[EVENT](Chicago) Sat. 17 Sept: NOCTURNA 18+ Dark Dance Night + Extras!

- Saturday, 17 September: NOCTURNA

Note: Doors at 11:59pm (MIDNIGHT!) - 5am

Nocturna, now in its 23rd year, is an 18+ dark alternative dance night held once a month (or so) in Chicago. DJ Scary Lady Sarah spins a highly request-driven mix of current & classic goth, industrial, post-punk, deathrock, ethereal, shoegaze, new wave, ebm, darkwave, dark indie & more. It's a lot of fun & you should go! ;)

•Special for this month's Nocturna! Chicago's ABC channel 7's 190 North television program will be filming early in the night for an upcoming piece on Chicago's goth scene! Not that you all don't already, but dress to impress! :)

• Super cool ticket giveaways this month! Free chances to be on the guest list for:

- PETER MURPHY/SHE WANTS REVENGE (Metro; Sat, 26 November)
- SWANS (Bottom Lounge; Thurs, 22 September)
- THE DAMNED (Metro; Tues, 25 October)

• CD promo & giveaway for SIGNIFIER Records double-disc compilation, "These Sounds Will Have to Meet Somewhere in Between." This compilation captures the best of a wide variety of electronic sounds with an intensity that increases throughout the listening experience. This juxtaposition of anger and release, darkness and light, love and indifference is the stuff of life. What happens here in the middle, between here and there is what matters most. Featuring: Lingouf, Tzolk'in, Tonikom, LAN Formatique, Endif, Lucidstatic, OTX, Disharmony, W.A.S.T.E., Greyhound, Zero Degree, Oil 10, and more!

• Also- vending by:
- LEYLA (jewelry, crafts, etc.)
- DO BATS EAT CATS (jewelry)
- ONE INCH WORLDS (Scary Lady Sarah's own buttons)

At METRO, 3730 N. Clark St, Chicago
11:59pm - 5am (Dance until dawn!) / 18+ / $10.

Facebook event page:

Thanks! Hope to see you there! Please help spread the word! :)
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